Captain Bob Harding

                    Naples, FL
              Tel: 239-777-0564
         Office Hours: 7AM - 7PM

Captain Bob Harding
Naples, FL
Tel: 239-777-0564
Office Hours: 7AM - 7PM

Services Provided by PYS

Pre-Purchase Surveys

The pre-purchase survey is most often provided for the client who is considering purchasing a pre-owned or even a recently manufactured vessel. The client is seeking an expert to inspect the structural integrity of the vessel as well as all internal and external systems in order to ascertain the safety, seaworthiness, and current overall condition. With this information and an extensive market research by the surveyor, a fair market value can be assessed to the vessel. With a thorough, detailed written and photo integrated report on all findings related to safety and condition, an unbiased opinion from the surveyor is the end result of the inspection process.

Insurance or Finance Marine Survey (Condition & Value)

Typically, this survey is requested by an insurance company or lending institution in order for them to determine if the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk. They also want to know the vessel’s current fair market value and replacement cost. Although this survey is performed to the same standards, it concentrates on risk and value and is not under the same microscope as a pre-purchase survey. Therefore, one should never accept a seller’s insurance survey as a pre-purchase survey.

Damage Claim Survey

This survey is performed to assess the extent of damage to a vessel that may have been involved in an accident or has seen damage from natural causes. Recommending repairs, costs and probable cause may also be part of the damage claim survey.

Vessel Appraisal

This survey is normally done to collect enough information to determine a fair market value of the vessel. Used to settle an estate, a divorce, or a legal case, this is not a complete survey.

Warranty /Refit /New Build

Whether you are constructing a new build or your current vessel is undergoing a refit or having warranty work, inspections by a third party can be most beneficial. A new build inspection may include proper installation of all options or upgrades outlined by the purchase and sales agreement. An extensive refit may take weekly or bi-weekly inspections to assess quality control of parts and labor. A warranty survey would involve a survey to test components that were either replaced or added to increase performance or structural integrity. In the end, independent inspections are necessary to bring discrepancies to a successful conclusion.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis can determine the breakdown in lubricating properties of oil if several key factors are known including the type and weight of oil, the run time and operating condition of the engine. From this information the vessel owner can determine if the oil change interval should be shortened or lengthened. Oil analysis is more conclusive on diesel engines where the internal components have a tighter seal because of the compression ratio. If the engine has been operated in a consistent manner under normal conditions and lube filters were changed during service intervals, then faith can be put into the oil analysis report.

Recently Surveyed Vessels


  • Marlow 65C
  • Azimut 64
  • Searay 550
  • Belize 54
  • Sabre 48 FB
  • Marine Trader 44
  • Fountain 38
  • Boston Whaler 320 OR


  • Gulfstar 54
  • Endeavous 44 ( Catamaran )
  • Nauticat 44
  • Bruckman 42
  • Condor 40 ( Trimaran )
  • Catalina 34

Survey Area

  • Florida West Coast - Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral. (no travel fees) Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater Beach.
  • Florida East Coast - Fort Pierce south to Miami and Florida Keys. Nominal travel fees apply.
  • Caribbean - Bahamas, Leeward and Windward Islands.

1-2-1 Service

1-2-1 is a hands-on service for novice and existing owners of sailing and power yachts who want to improve or refresh their boat handling and navigation skills.
Call Bob for additional details and to reserve your time.

Other Services

  • Consultation -  Thinking of purchasing a yacht but are unsure? Looking for a pre-inspection of a vessel prior to making an offer? Bob will provide an objective opinion on whether the vessel has been properly maintained and should proceed to offer and acceptance based upon a full pre-purchase survey. Fees are based upon time and expenses. Consulting fee will be subtracted from pre-purchase survey fee if buyer proceeds, minus travel expenses.
  • Deliveries -  As time and conditions permit, Bob has delivered vessels from Florida to Maine, Florida to Texas, to Bermuda, through-out the Caribbean to South America. Bob has also performed hundreds of hours of boat orientations and on board training and instruction for piloting and navigation.

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